Metroforms combines a custom shape portfolio with Attraxion™ Magnetic Attachment Technology for a one of a kind LVT floor that can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional glue down products.
Removable, Replaceable, Reusable, Repairable

The Attraxion magnetic installation technology eliminates adhesive-related VOCs and the need for cutting patterned floors on-site with power tools and resulting dust, as well as reducing labor and removal costs. The MagneBuild™ underlayment adds additional value by providing built-in solutions to key flooring concerns and can be dual-purposed as a moisture barrier (by taping underlayment seams) and as a crack suppression membrane. Metroforms are easily removed and repaired if needed. Subsequent installations only require Attraxion flooring as the MagneBuild magnetic underlayment can be reused for multiple installations without degrading its magnetic properties. With full transparency, the flooring collection has been issued a Declare label, analogous to nutrition labels for building products. The Attraxion system helps to address the installer shortage by reducing the labor skillset and need for expensive tools. Attraxion's speed of installation also enables Metroforms installers to install more floors in a day compared to traditional glue down methods, while also allowing for more custom designs than other floating floors.

design motifs
Chevron Weave
Mansion Weave

Beyond the innovative installation system, Metroforms presents architects, designers and end users with a program to create custom looks with ease. By picking shapes and colors with interactive Metroforms design tools, they will be able to design a unique floor online. The online tools will calculate the amount of Metroforms shapes needed for the space, provide a virtual room photo, specifications, and installation instructions. The Metroforms online design tools are expected to be available by the end of Q3-2019.

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