Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology is the latest innovation from Metroflor. This game-changing two-part installation technology... part one is Metroflor LVT engineered with a ferrite receptor that facilitates a strong installation over the Magnebuild magnetic underlayment, part two of the Attraxion system. Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology drastically reduces typical flooring replacement times and that’s just the beginning. Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology eliminates adhesive-related VOCs and the magnetic underlayment can dual purpose as a moisture barrier and a crack suppressant membranes to minimize costs related to floor prep. No worries about electronics. Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology will not affect computers, smartphones, or tablets and is safe for electronic implant devices like pacemakers.

Attraxion Magnetic Floor Features and Benefits

Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology

• Eliminates the need for and associated costs of expensive adhesives
• Can be easily installed in a fraction of the time compared to glue-down or locking LVT
• Magnetic attachment has unmatched sheer strength that holds the floor in place even under heavy commercial traffic
• Eliminates the need for additional underlayment systems
• Magnetic underlayment can be used when flooring is replaced, significantly reducing labor costs and time on future installations

Worry-Free Installation System

• Eliminates the introduction into the space of VOC's from adhesives
• Computers and other electronic devices will not be affected by Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology
• FloorScore® Certified, thereby promoting good indoor air quality

Moisture-Resistant Solid Vinyl Construction

• Durable, moisture-resistant, dimensionally stable LVT platform
• Warm and comfortable underfoot
• Resists peeling, cracking, and delamination
• Won’t harbor dust or allergens

FX3 Surface ProtectantTM Treated with Ultra-Fresh

• The ultimate in abrasion protection
• Superior stain repellency for easy clean-up
• Integrated Ultra-Fresh inhibits the growth of odor and stain causing mold and mildew

Authentic Looks & Textures

• Realistic wood and stone looks complement any décor
• High-resolution visuals and rich surface textures deliver the appearance of natural materials at a fraction of the cost
• All the beauty of natural wood and stone with none of the drawbacks

Low Maintenance

• No waxing or surface treatments required
• Sweep, dust mop, or vacuum daily
• Damp mop as needed using Prevail® Neutral Cleaner by Metroflor®
• Use walk-off mats at outside entrances

Application Versatility

• Recommended for Retail, Healthcare, Assisted Living, Hospitality, Multi-Family, Corporate, Educational and Residential environments
• Resists water, spills, and moisture
• Suitable for baths, laundry rooms, kitchens, and below-grade (basement) applications

Magnetic LVT Flooring

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