Metroforms with Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology

Metroflor’s Déjà New LVT provides the palette and the foundation for Metroforms with Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology.

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Metroforms offers the advantage of being repositionable, removable, and reusable -- making it a perfect solution for clear directional signage. As distancing requirements ease, the same flooring can be removed and rearranged into an entirely new design.

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The Cure for Boring Flooring... MetroformsTM + SketchboxTM Designer

MetroformsTM custom shape portfolio and SketchboxTM Designer, our new online design tool, makes designing and installing customized patterned LVT floors fast, fun and easy.


Fast, Easy, Forgiving Patterned Floor Installation

Metroforms takes advantage of Attraxion Magnetic Attachment Technology™ to make installation fast, easy, and mistake free. Attraxion represents a paradigm shift in LVT floating floor installation saves time and money with extended savings when it comes time to replace the floor.

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Comprehensive Warranty

Backed by some of the industry’s best warranties against defects, wear, staining, fading, and water damage.

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