Metroforms offers the advantage of being repositionable, removable, and reusable -- making it a perfect solution for clear directional signage. As distancing requirements ease, the same flooring can be removed and rearranged into an entirely new design.

Create elaborate designs using shapes to define areas for social distancing and direct traffic patterns to minimize close contact. Attraxion’s magnetic technology allows shapes to be repositioned and floor to be reimagined into a new design once social distancing concerns are eased. Designs can be found on Metroforms Sketchbox online design tool.

By now everyone knows the six-foot rule. But there’s no need to sacrifice style for safety when it comes to flooring. Metroforms offers a creative way to provide visual cues for proper distancing now – and can be rearranged later when distancing is no longer a concern.

Metroforms with Attraxion magnetic attachment technology makes refreshing an existing floor – using the same flooring – fast, easy, and cost-effective

Border elements utilizing Metroforms contrasting color choices offer a sophisticated approach to defining social boundaries. When such visual cues are no longer needed, the contrasting panels are easily repositioned to update the look.

Metroforms with Attraxion magnetic attachment technology can make navigating retail outlets during a global pandemic easier, safer and a lot less stressful.

Attraxion magnetic attachment technology lets you lean into a new look using your existing Metroforms materials when COVID wayfinding considerations are no longer a necessity.


Metroflor’s interactive design tool streamlines custom flooring design, bringing ideas to life with a few simple mouse clicks. Sketchbox will even calculate material needs, provide a virtual photo of the finished installation, and offer detailed specifications. Get started today!

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