Waterproof LVP Moldings

When it comes to the finishing details Metroflor has you covered with coordinating waterproof moldings

  • T-Molding

    – transitions flooring of the same height.
    T-Molding LVP waterproof modling

  • Reducer

    – transitions flooring to a lower surface.
    Reducer LVP waterproof molding

  • End Cap

    – transitions flooring to a higher surface or where flooring ends (examples: doors, thick tile, carpet, hearth).
    End cap LVP waterproof molding

  • Overlap Stair Nose

    – used only in step down applications (example: step down to sunken living area).
    Overlap Stair Nose LVP waterproof molding

  • Flush Stair Nose

    – used on stair treads.
    Flush Stair Nose LVP waterproof molding

  • Quarter Round

    – covers exposed expansion gap between floor and wall.
    LVP waterproof molding

Plan Ahead for Optimal Results
Engage Inception and Genesis waterproof moldings are wrapped with the same decorative film as our flooring and, just as in nature, there may be shading and pattern variations from piece to piece. Because of this, it is recommended to pre-match the flooring pieces which will be installed next to the moldings and set these aside prior to beginning.

Genesis Molding Installation

Engage Inception Molding Installation